Thursday, 27 April 2017

BP Plastics Holding Berhad

After sell some of the HIL, finally I have additional fund go to buy other stock. I have monitored BPPLAS long time already, now I have chance to allocate some fund for it.
Now 1.4 for me is good entry price. I always like to buy a stock when it like zombie move, or dead walk. Meaning it has likely at bottom after long day of down trend movement.
Financial wise is cash rich company. I like company with big cash, manageable debt. BP Plastics somemore no debt. Then it turn out my favorite stock to monitor and of course to go in when fund is available.
This is growth stock as well, therefore, I will pump in $20k, and hold for something great to kick off.

Friday, 21 April 2017

MENANG: the army just start to attack

The head just out from the consolidation mode, so worth to monitor. Of course when I share it here, mean I've accumulated the share at my target. If you wish to join the war, I cannot stop you. :)

The army mission  is to break the enemy 1.00 wall. They just get out from the lovely country and heading to the enermy gate. I wish them can 'menang' in this war.

Financial wise this is so so only as it having a big debts as well big assets. But they have guarantee revenue from concession projects (mainly 3 projects).

They also have management crisis at top level. But remember crisis sometimes mean opportunity for us.

They also proposed 4 for 5 existing stock bonus issue.

They also got one interesting rumour which i cannot share it here, but is good for MENANG.

HIL: Plan B no need as this moment

HIL has conquered above 1.00 area, therefore, Plan B deferred and executed Plan A.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

HIL: OK, It now above 1.00

The game now getting more interesting, whether it can stand above 1.00 is really my concern. Will sell some if below 1.00 again (plan B). Will further keep if it able to stand above 1.00 (plan A). So, let's see.

This is my plan. :)

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A&M and HIL performance update

Look at how nice the uptrend line making by uptrend leader sheep and see how "nice" the downtrend line making by downtrend leader sheep.

Anyway, I believed  HIL will come. This is my good training for patience.

The come will by surprise shock, it can sudden limit up, or spike high just by few days. But I need to wait  this day.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Losing = Opportunity

Losing gives us an opportunity to learn, but many people do not seize it. And when they don't, losing really hurts.

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